A Song for the Commonwealth

Listen to our song for the Commonwealth

This is the very first recording of ‘A Song for the Commonwealth’ – just to introduce it to everyone.

It can be sung in many different ways, in different keys and by different groups of voices. We shall help choirs to find the right version for themselves!

You can find plenty of alternative arrangements on this page. We will be adding to this so if one doesn’t work for you, please check back or get in touch with us.

Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS carefully.

We are be very excited to be working with all the choirs who have already signed up and warmly encourage others to join us.

A song for the Commonwealth

Music by: Vincent Atueyi Chinemelu
Lyrics by: Lucy Kiely
Performed by: Sacha Dow (treble), Charlotte Potter (Soprano), Elisha Jade (Soprano), Leyla Ruby (Soprano), Clare Sutherland (Alto), Stephen Mike Chidi (Tenor), Toby Hession (Bass), Patrick Owston (Bass), Joaquim Badia (Backing track)
Produced by: Tom Bell