Day 7 in Antigua

Today, on day seven of our Commonwealth Resounds trip to Antigua, the scent of anticipation was in the air as the sounds of rehearsals echoed from the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. This iconic cricket ground, named after one of the Caribbean’s if not the world’s greatest batsmen, was abuzz with rhythm, music and energy. Today’s agenda? Final sectional rehearsals and composition workshops, led by our dedicated team of composers.

The composition workshops provided an exciting opportunity for our musicians to explore their composition skills, delving deeper into the world of melodies, motifs, and movements through film and jazz composition.

The evening was devoted to a crucial milestone – our first run-through at the Wetherills Estate, our concert venue. This stunning location, with extraordinary views, nestled amidst lush tropical beauty, was abuzz with a flurry of activity. The stage was nearly complete on our arrival and the final checks were taking place to the state of the art sound system.

As we set foot in the Estate, the grandeur of the space hit us immediately. Working through our performance in the actual venue allowed us to adapt to the new acoustic environment, playing outside means that much of the sound disappears for the musician and they need to listen carefully to what is going on around them. The experience was invaluable in not only refining our performance but also igniting the young musicians excitement for the concert.

As the day wrapped up, we found ourselves looking back with a sense of accomplishment at the progress the young musicians have made. With their sounds continuing to play in our minds and the anticipation building up, we eagerly look forward to bringing everything for the audience.