Tenth Anniversary of the Commonwealth Charter

Last week’s celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Commonwealth Charter was a truly memorable event which took place at South Africa House in Trafalgar Square, London on 16th March 2023.

A group of incredibly talented young musicians from the Royal Academy of Music Junior Department, recommended by The Commonwealth Resounds, performed for a distinguished audience to celebrate the achievements and vision of the Commonwealth . The event was also a true testament to the importance of music and the arts in bringing people together from all over the world.

Our group of musicians not only performed at this special tenth anniversary event, but they also had the honour of performing at the Commonwealth Service in Westminster Abbey earlier in the week. Their performances were truly captivating, blending traditional and contemporary styles from all over the world to create a sound that was both unique and engaging. They were a true representation of the diversity of musical talent across the Commonwealth and a reminder of the incredible impact that music can have in bringing people together.

In addition to The Commonwealth Resounds’ performance, the event at South Africa House also featured a photography exhibition entitled ‘A Lens on the Climate Crisis in Africa.’ This exhibition was a moving and powerful tribute to the devastating impact of climate change on African communities. The photographs were stunning and provided a visual representation of the urgent need to address this global crisis.

The Commonwealth Foundation Charter’s Tenth Anniversary was a true celebration of the Commonwealth and the incredible talent that exists within it. The event was a reminder of the incredible impact that the Commonwealth can have in promoting unity and cooperation among its member nations around the world.