Go Compose 2020!

Go Compose 2020!

Exciting online composition workshops for young people who are stuck at home! Run by brilliant professional composers and musicians.

Compose a piece of music in a single day and hear it performed in an online concert! Two pilot workshops are starting later this week and more projects will be announced in May – so get on board as soon as you can.  These are free of charge.

Available to school-aged pupils living anywhere in the world. You may have composed music before or you may be a beginner – no problem! You can be involved.

Sign up now and have a great time learning how to compose music with lots of expert help and support!

To see the full information about GO COMPOSE online, click here.

To apply, please fill in this Application for Go Compose Online.

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Go Compose is a Sound and Music project. We would like to thank both Sound and Music, and the ABRSM for their support in running these workshops.