Rosemary Ball's Journey to Antigua

Discover how Rosemary Ball, a talented saxophonist from the Royal College of Music, is set to inspire young musicians in Antigua.
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Rosemary Ball

We are thrilled to welcome Rosemary Ball, a gifted saxophonist, currently studying at the Royal College of Music (RCM) as a Robert Sutherland award holder. Rosemary joins our upcoming trip to Antigua. The former Saxophonist with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, Rosemary is halfway through her undergraduate course at RCM and is eager to share her passion for music with the young musicians of Antigua.

Rosemary has expressed her excitement about the trip: ‘I’m especially looking forward to getting to know the young musicians and the way they think about music. I hope we all can inspire them to unleash their creativity and experiment with new styles of music.’

The Antigua trip will feature a series of composition workshops and performances aimed at fostering creativity and musical growth among young musicians.

Welcome Rosemary Ball

A New Musical Journey

The Commonwealth Resounds is delighted to welcome Rosemary Ball, an exceptionally talented saxophonist from the Royal College of Music, to our Antigua trip. Rosemary’s passion for music and dedication to education make her an invaluable addition to our team. Her presence is set to inspire and enrich the experience of all participants, fostering a deep love for music and creative expression among the young musicians of Antigua. We are excited to see the positive impact she will have on this initiative, helping to cultivate a vibrant and innovative musical community.

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