Ruth---Gold-Arts-AwardProjects run by The Commonwealth Resounds! have helped enable several young musicians to achieve their Gold Arts Award. This is the highest level of a special arts-based qualification run jointly by the Arts Council of Great Britain and Trinity College. The pupils involved were part of the Royal Opera House’s Bridge Pilot project, and they used their Commonwealth musical leadership experiences to help gain the award. All are under the age of 18!

Ruth – raised enough money not only to get herself to Sri Lanka as part of The Commonwealth Resounds! team, but also extra to help the charitable organisation SONGBOUND start three new children’s choirs in Sri Lanka. She wrote about her experiences for her Gold Arts Award.

Seo-Jin and Stephanie – performed in a special opera written by the Anglo-Indian composer Danyal Dhondy, and ran their own workshops for children in Sri Lankan schools and orphanages. Both evaluated an documented their leadership projects for their Gold Arts Award.


Sophia – organised and ran her own fundraising concert for the Sri Lankan Commonwealth team. This took place at the Conway Hall in London. Sophia’s friends all came to perform and they raised £900. Sophia created a special website for her Gold Arts Award, and she evaluated and described all her hard work running this concert as the basis of the whole of Unit 2 – Arts Leadership Project.