Teh Hope Ning

Key Music Relay Leader for Cameroon

Teh Hope Ning


Teh Hope Ning or T. Hope is a Music Composer, Music trainer and Educator. He was introduced to music in 2006, when he joined the University of Yaounde 1 Choir, The Glorious Voices. He later became one of the Music directors and subsequently, one of the trainers of the group. He has led the group during performances both nationally and internationally. He has been very instrumental, in the training of young talented singers and choirs, in and out of the university community, and in grooming other music directors. He has also composed many songs, both for local and international purposes, projects and performances.

He is the founder and Executive Director of Hope Music Academy (HOMA): an association, with the vision, of inculcating character through Music teaching, for community development. Hope is very passionate about, the use of music, to impart Virtues, on the community. HOMA has been very active, in the organization of music workshops, for kids and adults, in schools and other locations for the enhancement of their talents and skills. He is also a lover of the Cameroonian and African cultural propagation through music and dance.

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