Day 3 in Antigua

Hello once again from Antigua!

Day 3 opened up a plethora of thrilling experiences and a hint of local delights. Starting the day with a bang, we marked our presence on ABS TV’s popular breakfast show ‘Antigua and Barbuda Today’, a fantastic platform to showcase our musical journey and the incredible work we’ve been accomplishing. Ellen spoke on the sofa alongside the incredible Clarita from ABYSO and together they described the journey that everyone had been on already and highlighted the exciting concerts which will be taking place. Including the Junior recital tomorrow (July 11th) at 6:30 at Dean William Lake and the concerts later in the week with ABYSO which we have been rehearsing hard for. Our string quartet, Emily, Rebecca Peter and Emmi performed What a Wonderful World as a musical highlight.

As an entirely new event, Reuben, Ka Youn and Alison led professional development for music teachers on the island. The aim being to support composition teaching within the island and give teachers the confidence to approach creativity within composition too.

Over at the Sir Vivian Richards stadium, the morning transitioned into the afternoon rehearsals and a composition workshop  led by the trio of Reuben, Ka Youn and Alison. They introduced us to the concept of graphic scores, an innovative notation method using visual symbols to convey music. For the members of the Antigua and Barbuda Youth Symphony Orchestra (ABYSO), this represented a novel approach to musical interpretation. They took to it admirably, and their debut performances using a graphic score were indeed an aural treat.

Following the composition workshop, we divided into our respective sections. Maestro Reuben guided the wind players while violist Peter took the string section. The objective was to refine our collective sound and explore the creation of ‘colours’ in music through the careful manipulation of bow speeds and pressures. It was a deeply engaging exercise that underscored the nuances of orchestral performance.

In the midst of these musically intense activities, we also managed to hit the airwaves once again. Peter, Ellen, and Connor made an appearance on the popular radio programme ‘We the People’. Their lively discussion and shared experiences added another dimension to our ongoing engagement with the local Antiguan media landscape.

To top off an eventful day, we were introduced to a local favourite – Ting. This traditional Antiguan drink, a fizzy grapefruit soda, proved to be a delicious hit among the team! It offered a refreshing escape from the tropical heat and left us all eager to explore more local culinary delights.

Looking back at Day 3, from sharing our music on national TV, delving into detailed workshops, engaging with the radio audience, to sipping on delightful local drinks, we’ve truly resonated with the vibrant pulse of Antigua. We’re buzzing with anticipation for what Day 4 will bring!