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The Commonwealth Resounds! is extremely grateful for the support it receives from sponsors and partners. Without their support our work would not be possible. This page will attempt to acknowledge as many of them as possible

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The Commonwealth Resounds! is extremely grateful for the support it receives from sponsors and partners. Without their support our work would not be possible. This page will attempt to acknowledge as many of them as possible.

The Royal Commonwealth Society

The Royal Commonwealth Society hosted the first-ever Charity Gala Concert by musicians from The Commonwealth Resounds! in their brand-new auditorium in November 2005.

Arter this, Stuart Mole, Director-General of the RCS till 2009 and other members of the organisation have supported developments of the programme and included Commonwealth Resounds! musicians in events such as Commonwealth Observance Day and the Queen’s visit to the Official Opening of the new Auditorium in 2008.

In November 2009, the new Director of the RCS, Danny Shrishkandarajah and Chi Kavindele, the Events Manager generously enabled The Commonwealth Resounds! to run a dazzling Pre-CHOGM Gala event at the Commonwealth Club. Many distinguished members of the audence greatly enjoyed the performances and presentations.

Since that time, the Royal Commonwealth Society has enabled The Commonwealth Resounds to perform in many fascinating, high profile events such as the Commonwealth Carol Service and Prince Charles’s Dinner for the High Commissioners at St James’s Palace, Pall Mall, both in 2013.

The Commonwealth Resounds will be strongly featured in Commonwealth Observance Day 2015 as part of its 10th Anniversary Celebrations. For this special event, the Commonwealth Festival Orchestra and Choir will be collaborating with Sarah Ndagire from Uganda and Dance Digital from Hertfordshire.

The Royal Overseas League

The Royal Over-Seas League first supported The Commonwealth Resounds in 2007 by sending two brilliant young musicians, both ROSL Annual Music competition prize winners, Victoria Mavromousakis (Cyprus) and Meherban Gillett (India) to participate in concerts, masterclasses and workshops. These musicians were an enormous asset to the programme. Since this time, Roderick Lakin MBE, the ROSL’s Director of Arts has regularly incuded two or more of the ROSL’s prizewinning young musicians in every biennial international project, and in many of the UK-based ones too. He also supports, guides and advises members of The Commonwealth Resounds in project development and management as the organistion continues to grow and develop.

The Royal Over-Seas League also hosted the European Premiere of the world’s first Commonwealth PIANORAMA in the Princess Alexandra Hall in January 2010. Roderick has also facilitated a number of excellent biennial Pre-CHOGM Gala Concerts at Princess Alexandra House.

The International Federation of Musicians (FIM)

Alison Cox first met John Smith, President of FIM and General Secretary, British Musicians’ Union (UK) in early 2007, when seeking to identify new partnerships for The Commonwealth Resounds! Much common ground between the two organisations was quickly identified, and a number of different proposals were discussed for CHOGM 2007. Thanks to financial support from Phonographic Performance Ltd., John and his team were able to run highly successful Music Business Seminars in Kampala and again in Trinidad as part of CHOGM 2009.

In November 2013, The Commonwealth Resounds was able to collaborate with FIM and the MU to run the first-ever Commonwealth Music Business Seminar for young people in Sri Lanka. Young musicians from Sri Lanka, the UK and other parts of the Commonwealth met and discussed issues of importance to them, including musical opportunities and educational programmes. Together, they produced a Young Musicians’ Communique which was submitted by FIM and the MU to all the Commonwealth Heads of Government for consideration. We are all hoping to continue developing this kind of partnership in future Commonwealth events.

The Government of Malta

The Government of Malta generously supported the inaugural performances of The Commonwealth Resounds!

We are especially grateful to Dr.Francis Zammit-Dimech, the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Culture, who dedicated a public address to the international musicians and sponsored all transport in Malta and Gozo for them throughout CHOGM. On Tuesday November 23rd 2005 .

Dr Zammit Dimech also arranged a special welcome concert for the Cyprus State Orchestra at the University of Malta, conducted by Simon Wills featuring the Maltese tenor Joseph Aquilina and the celebrated Australian pianist Simon Tedeschi. The concert was immaculately and professionally organised by Michael Aquilina and was not only a great success, but also generated a friendly cultural exchange between Cyprus and Malta.

Multicultural projects and partnerships in Malta during CHOGM 2005.

Malta 2005 – the Souvenir Programme.

Phonographic Performance Ltd

John Smith and Alison Cox have greatly appreciated the support and interest in our work shown by Fran Nevkla, the Chairman and CEO of Phonographic Performance Ltd.

John and his international team of experts have been able to run two influential and highly successful Music Business seminars in Kampala and Trinidad.

As well as this, PPL contributed essential funding towards the expenses of Peter Harvey and the team of students who ran some outstanding musical projects in Tobago.

Read how much PPL’s support has helped musicians in the projects Tobago’s Commonwealth Blast and The Commonwealth Resounds! in Tobago.

PPL also helped the young Maltese harpist Cecilia Sultana de Maria transport her harp to Trinidad in order to perform at the Prime Minister’s Dinner for the Commonwealth Business Council. Read Cecilia’s story A Harp for CHOGM.

The Trinidad Government

The Commonwealth Resounds! was magnificently supported in 2009 by Trinidad’s CHOGM Task Force, enabling the international musicians to create an exciting programme of workshops, performances, outreach activities and special projects with their many partners and friends in this wonderful country.

In particular, we should like to thank Sharifa ali-Abdullah, Edward Lee Tang, Charla-Marie Douglas and the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago himself.

The Trinidad Government’s marvellous hospitality for the visiting performers will never be forgotten by those who were lucky enough to be a part of CHOGM 2009.

In 2011, The Trinidad Government generously sponsored Young Commonwealth Ambassador Sharda Patasar and her band to travel to Australia and participate in CHOGM-related activities. More can be seen on the special website ‘Perth 2011’, created by the young violinist/violist/entrepreneur Peter Banks.

The Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company

The Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company (T&T Ent) is a state agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, responsible for facilitating the development of a globally competitive entertainment industry. They were asked to look after the needs of The Commonwealth Resounds in Trinidad, and to organise a programme of workshops, concerts, projects and performances in close consultation with the CHOGM Task Force and Alison Cox, TCR’s Founder and Musical Director.

Kamla Ramparsad de Silva, Tatiana Parrott, Malene Joseph and a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers worked immensely hard to give the international musicians a fulfilling and rewarding experience during their visit. As well as organising the rich varied programme of musical events, they also provided everyone with a welcome bag full of lovely souvenirs from Trinidad!

Visiting Arts

Visiting Arts published an extensive and detailed article about The Commonwealth Resounds! (CHOGM 2007) as part of their e-newsletter. Visiting Arts’ purpose is to strengthen intercultural understanding through the arts and our work links England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with countries overseas, prioritised by the Visiting Arts Board. In partnership with British Council, Arts Councils England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Scottish Arts Council and with support from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

The Commonwealth Secretariat

The Commonwealth Resounds is heartened by the encouragement and support from the Commonwealth Secretariat.
In 2005, Sir Don Mckinnon, the former Secretary-General said

“Music can inspire, comfort, lead, follow, and affect us in countless other ways. It is a marvellous way to engage and enjoy the cultures of others and to discover common goals and aspirations. But more than that, music binds us together. The Commonwealth Resounds underlines in sound what we sometimes struggle to say in words or in other ways”.

In particular we should like to thank the current Commonwealth Secretariat team, especially Victoria Holdsworth, Jeff Claudius and Will Henley who have supported our musical aims and objectives in many different ways.

The Commonwealth Foundation

The Commonwealth Foundation generously provided a core grant for The Commonwealth Resounds! to develop musical programmes in Uganda in November 2007. This enabled the following projects take place and participants involved to secure additional funding.

The Choral programme – directed by Joy Hill
The Diverity of the Flute – directed by Keith Waithe
Commonwealth Youth Resounds! in partnership with the British Council and the London Sinfonietta
The Tabla Project – directed by Yogesh Dattani
A Thanksgiving for Peace – in partnership with the scheme Churches Together for CHOGM, the Royal Commonwealth Society and CPAUG
The Instrument making programme – directed by Dr Peter Cooke and Martin Wess
The Commonwealth Bands Together – directed by Peter Harvey

The Royal Society of Saint George

The Royal Society of St George has kindly support a number of individuals taking part in a variety of Commonwealth Resounds! events including Malta 2015 and Matthew and Jenny’s trip to Goa, India.

Educational Partners

Here we would like to acknowledge some of the many educational institutions that we have worked with. Their support has helped to make The Commonwealth Resounds! projects as successful as they are.