Get involved! Dionysus Ensemble Creating Natural Wonders in Music

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The Commonwealth Resounds ensemble in association, The Dionysus Ensemble, are ​creating a Commonwealth-wide video celebrating the natural wonders of the Commonwealth through music & art. Musicians, artists, photographers, creatives & composers – every age, ability, instrument & art form are very welcome!

This video will feature a ​new piece of music created by Commonwealth musicians, composers & creatives and illustrated by Commonwealth artists & photographers,  to demonstrate the variety & wide array of incredible wild & scenic locations around the Commonwealth, celebrating & sharing the diverse environmental riches in the Commonwealth.

​A contributor doesn’t have to be a performer – you could be an artist or creative illustrating the video, you could be involved in composing & creating the music, you could be a performer on the video. Your music could be recorded natural sounds, traditional music from your country or practised performance from notated music provided by The Dionysus Ensemble