We are excited to be performing a leg of the relay at the upcoming Rotary Peace Conference 2024, February 10th, in London. The event promises an innovative addition to its program: a special musical performance by the young composer and arranger, Oscar Brown (16). Attendees can anticipate an evening of harmony and inspiration as we share our latest project with the world. This is designed to resonate with the conference’s theme of promoting Positive Peace.

A notable aspect of the musical program is Rotary’s collaboration with the Commonwealth Resounds, which will showcase a global musical relay. This collaborative effort aims to spread messages of peace and unity worldwide through the language of music. The inclusion of music in the conference underscores Rotary’s commitment to exploring diverse avenues for promoting peace and understanding.

Attendees are encouraged to join this unique musical experience and witness firsthand the transformative power of music in fostering global harmony. You can find out more by visiting The Rotary website here.