The Commonwealth Composition Challenge was launched in April to encourage young people to compose music that is relevant to the Coronavirus pandemic in some way. Open to young people aged 11-18 throughout the Commonwealth, the competition received hundreds of entries.

We are delighted to announce that the following composers have been shortlisted as finalists. The date of the Award Ceremony will be announced shortly.

INDIA – Aditya Manik aged 15 – ‘Journey To and Through Agony’

CANADA – Devon Packer aged 14 – ‘Home Fugue Home’

MALAYSIA – Eleanor Inn Rei Shuen aged 12 – ‘Dear Fate’

SINGAPORE – Isaiah Hui Zhou Rong aged 15 – ‘Courage’

INDIA – Ishaan Leonard Rao aged 15 – “Locked Down’

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA – Jahfari Hazelwood aged 17 – ‘Stuck in Quarantine’

AUSTRALIA – James Brew aged 13 – “Pan-Xiety’

UNITED KINGDOM – Maddie Melville Smith aged 15 – ‘Memories’

SINGAPORE – Nathanael Koh aged 10 – ‘Mutation’

UNITED KINGDOM – Oliver Gibson aged 16 – ‘Forever’

INDIA – Tiara Michelle Oberoi aged 17 – ‘Lacrimosa’