Dionysus Ensemble in the Solomon Islands

The Commonwealth Resounds Ensemble-in-Residence, the Dionysus Ensemble, recently traveled to the Solomon Islands to lead a musical project for young people. The project was aimed at empowering young people to express themselves through music and to develop their musical skills.

The project involved a series of workshops and performances that were held in different parts of the Solomon Islands. The workshops were designed to provide young people with the opportunity to learn about music theory, composition, and performance. The Dionysus Ensemble worked closely with the young people, providing them with guidance and support as they developed their skills.

The project was a huge success, with young people participating in the workshops and performances. The young people were excited to learn about music and to work with the Dionysus Ensemble. They were also inspired by the Ensemble’s commitment to music and their passion for teaching and mentoring young musicians.

One of the highlights of the project was a performance that was held at St Barnabas Cathedral in Honiara in Honiara. The performance featured the young people who had participated in the workshops, as well as members of the Dionysus Ensemble. The performance was a celebration of the young people’s musical talents and their hard work throughout the project.

The project was a great example of how music can bring people together and create positive change. It provided young people with the opportunity to learn about music and to develop their skills, while also empowering them to express themselves creatively.

You can find a report of the project here, written by Ensemble Leader Léonie Adams.