Young Commonwealth Outreach Ambassadors in India

Two enterprising young musicians, Matthew Higham (Ghana/UK) and Jenny Clarke (China/UK) will be travelling to Goa, India in July 2016 to spend 6 weeks teaching and mentoring children in flute, piano, violin, viola, recorder clarinet and voice.

Matthew and Jenny are currently in their final year at the Purcell School and have organised this project by themselves, in consultation with Luis Francesco Dias, the Director of Child’s Play, a special music school in Goa, and Alison Cox, Co-Director of The Commonwealth Resounds. Matt and Jenny will post a blog about their experiences and activities here, and hopefully inspire other young musicians to do similar things.

If other young people throughout the Commonwealth would like to get in touch with us, we shall be delighted to hear from them, and will help to promote outstanding musical projects on our website as we are doing for Matt and Jenny. Please communicate with us via an adult if you are under the age of 18.

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Matthew Higham and Jenny Clarke, two talented, enterprising young musicians from the Purcell School collaborated with The Commonwealth Resounds in a special voluntary project, where they have raised funds to travel to Goa, India, to teach instrumental music to children linked to a charity called Child’s Play.

They were generously supported by the Royal Society of St George, the Toby Davies Fund, the North Norfolk Community Fund and a number of kind friends and family members.

Matthew and Jenny are now in Goa, working hard with the children preparing for a special ‘Monsoon Concert’ on August 20th.


Thanks to the Royal Society of St George

Matthew and Jenny’s project in India has been very kindly supported by the Royal Society of St George. We are all very grateful for their kind and generous support which will help them to go to India and work with a number of children in Goa as part of a Commonwealth Resounds outreach project.