Helpful tips for preparing your own version of the song for the MUSIC RELAY

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What you can do

  • If you don’t read music, you can listen to the recording of the song and read the lyrics and just try to learn it by ear. It doesn’t matter if you slightly change bits of it – or you can sing it exactly as it is.
  • If you play an instrument, you could play the melody along with the Ciara (the singer).
  • You could listen to the amazing electric guitar solo in the middle (played by 15-year old Albert) and use it as inspiration to make up your own amazing solo.
  • Listen to the keyboard accompaniment played by Cole (aged 16). Could you make up your own accompaniment to the song on a different instrument (maybe a sitar, a kora or a steelpan)?
  • You could maybe work with a singer and do something together?
  • You might want to sing the song in a different language, which is your own. If so, that would be wonderful and we can’t WAIT to hear it!
  • Maybe you are part of a musical group or a choir and could all work together to make a fabulous arrangement of it! Please think about this – it would be SO EXCITING

12 helpful tips for composing a variation of the song ‘Symphony’

  1. You could use the same lyrics and write a different melody
  2. You could use the same melody and write different lyrics
  3. You could use the same chords and accompaniment and write a different melody to fit with them.
  4. You could add extra notes and decorations to the original melody.
  5. You could compose a fast, energetic version of the song.
  6. You could make a jazz version of it.
  7. How about a version for traditional African instruments or steelpans?
  8. How about a Bollywood version of it?
  9. You could make it sound like a march and play it on brass instruments.
  10. Can you play it on a sitar?
  11. We would love to hear it played on drums (maybe with a voice as well)
  12. Your own version – whatever it is – will be very special to us.

If you already know your own country’s MUSIC RELAY LEADER, that’s great! Stay in touch with them as you prepare your version of the song.

If you don’t know your country’s Music Relay Leader
email Sally-Ann Whitty
and she will introduce you to them.