Gavin Mendonca

Key Music Relay Leader for Guyana

Gavin Mendonca


Gavin Mendonca is a folk/rock musician hailing from the Land of Many Waters – Guyana. Passionate about building Cultural Bridges through Music, Gavin has spent the last 6 years traveling the world as a Cultural Ambassador – taking Guyanese Folk Music to multiple festivals and conferences, including Beijing Expo 2019, Dubai Expo 2020, Ethno USA 2022, Ethno Sweden 2023 and Your Roots Are Showing – Ireland’s Folk Conference in 2024. He, along with his drummer Marlon ‘Chucky’ Adams, recently recorded an album of Guyanese Folk Songs live in the Iwokrama Rainforest – an ongoing project aimed at preserving Guyanese Folk Songs while highlighting Rainforest Conservation and Protecting the Jaguar. He has even invented his own genre of music – Creole Rock – which is a fusion of Guyanese Folk Music and Dialect with Rock n’ Roll. Currently – he is studying Audio Engineering at SAE Institute NYC. Having spent his youth growing up in the Scout Association of Guyana – Gavin is passionate about working with, and empowering, young people – especially in the Arts.

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