Hans G. Bathija

Key Music Relay Leader Canada

Hans G. Bathija


Hans is an entrepreneur, community builder, and positive peace activist with a passion for arts, music, sports & culture. Born in a multi-racial, multi-religious family in London, England, with roots in India and Malaysia, he was exposed to arts and music from all over the world. This inspired him to become an actor, photographer, stage manager with Théâtre Glendon, and DJ with CKRG Radio Glendon. His love of music and movement led him to train as a ballroom & rhythm dancer, with stints training in guitar, piano and singing. He resides in Toronto, Ontario Canada, where he is the audience for the songs of his children, Æscwin and Sara, and the artistry of his Croatian muse, Ana.

For Rotary in the Commonwealth and Commonwealth Resounds, he organised The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons ‘A Song for the Commonwealth’ and lit the beacon at Casa Loma in Toronto on 2 June 2022. He is the 2024-2025 President of the Rotary Club of Internet & Innovation London Peace Envoys. For the 2024 Rotary International Presidential Peace Conference in London at the International Maritime Organization, he was part of the drumming performance, a Co-MC, and the Regional Coordinator for Canada. Hans believes music and dance is a pathway to positive peace.

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