Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin

Key Music Relay Leader for Manchester and the North of England

Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin

Manchester and the North of England

Edenamiuki is an artist, Creative Director of multiple initiatives focused on supporting artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders through Elevate Young Minds CIC, Young Creative Leaders, Dance Studio Manchester, Festival Festival, Break Dance Manchester, Young Minds Matter Festival, and Rotation Dance Exchange schools and community provision. He is also a member of Arts Council England, North Area Council. 2023 Commonwealth Sound Relay Northern Ambassador. Recognized by the United Nations Alliance (Plural+), Commonwealth Secretariat, TedxKigali Countdown, HWPL South Korea, and World Youth Development Forum China 2023, Edenamiuki has participated in prestigious forums and events that have shaped his perspective and fuelled his passion for positive change. These experiences have taken him across the globe, providing opportunities to collaborate, learn, and advocate for meaningful causes.

Commissioned to develop and perform works such as ‘Reformation’ and ‘Exploring the Man’ at various local and international platforms like The Civic Theatre in Dublin, York Theatre Royal, Ludus Dance, Stadler’s Well, and Tedx Kigali, Edenamiuki’s journey as a Young Creative Community Leader began during his BA(Hons) in Dance and MA in Choreography at Leeds Beckett University from September 2014 to September 2019. Notable events include presenting the “Young Minds Matter” Festival at Leeds Beckett University with 20 local and international artists of different disciplines. In subsequent years, he delivered EKA Palace in Lisbon, Portugal, and Young Minds Matter in Brussels, Belgium, working with over 100 artists. In 2019, he introduced Face Festival in the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Tanzania, which resurfaced post-lockdown as an annual multifaceted program in the UK.

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