Highlights from the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacons

Specially Selected for HRH The Prince of Wales
A Song for the Commonwealth

The Thrive Music Academy, Africa.

This is a wonderful organization, based in Uganda, which teaches deprived children to play both traditional and western classical instruments and to sing. They produced this beautiful video for us.

The International Jubilee Children’s Choir of Thailand.

There is a highly diverse international community in Thailand who desperately wanted to take part in the Platinum Jubilee and asked us whether they were ‘eligible’ to take part. When they sent their video, we were so glad that we said yes!


West End Kids

West End Kids is a UK based organisation which has raised hundreds of West End and Broadway stars since 2001 with a unique blend of ambition, opportunity, motivation, mastery and mindset. Their lively, entertaining video is inspired by the Pearly Kings and Queens and is full of energy, warmth and humour!

Soul Sounds Academy

This lovely choir from Sri Lanka managed to produce a video for us despite immense challenges involved with significant political upheaval and civil unrest. We were very touched and impressed by their efforts.

The Commonwealth Blue Charter

The Commonwealth Blue Charter commissioned this special video based upon ‘A Life Lived with Grace’ which was created to celebrate the work of people and communities around the world who are trying so hard to protect the health of the world’s oceans in this unique Platinum Jubilee year. The video was shown again recently during CHOGM 2022 in Rwanda and also at the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon. It was very well received at both events.

Enabling accessibility for all

An important feature of our celebration was to ensure that all members of the Commonwealth Community could access this unique event. Providing translations and alternative arrangements was a key part of our preparation. Below you can find a brief sample of the arrangements we provided to support singers around the world.

Cymraeg – Bywyd Llawn o Ras

Anthony Stuart Lloyd and Dan Jones created this beautiful Welsh Language arrangement to celebrate one of the many languages of The United Kingdom.

They worked remotely from a small village in Perthshire and the valleys of South Wales. This was also performed by Anthony Stuart Lloyd as part of his celebrations for his local community.

British Sign Language Choir

A British Sign Language translation was produced by Helen Andrews, Director of the BSL For You signing choir. She provided tutorials and a full video arrangement for others around the Commonwealth.

They produced this wonderful video at Speke Hall.

PANU perform in Swahili

One of our first specially produced videos, the Pan African Choir of Uganda translated the lyrics into Swahili and performed our song specially for their local community. This video showcases some of the beauty of the area and their love for music and the Commonwealth.