A Song for the Commonwealth

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Here are our very first recordings of ‘A Song for the Commonwealth’ – which we would like to use to introduce the song to everyone.

It can be sung in many different ways, in different keys and by different groups of voices. We shall help choirs to find exactly the right version for themselves!

There will be more recordings appearing on this page, in the very near future. We hope these will appeal to different choirs around the world. Watch this space for arrangements of the song for pop groups, gospel choirs, solo voices, and other versions – we shall post them as they are created! Our recordings have been slightly delayed by Omicron, as we hope you will all understand!

Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS carefully.

We are be very excited to be working with all the choirs who have already signed up and warmly encourage others to join us.

A song for the Commonwealth

Music by: Vincent Atueyi Chinemelu
Lyrics by: Lucy Kiely
Performed by: Sacha Dow (treble), Charlotte Potter (Soprano), Elisha Jade (Soprano), Leyla Ruby (Soprano), Clare Sutherland (Alto), Stephen Mike Chidi (Tenor), Toby Hession (Bass), Patrick Owston (Bass), Joaquim Badia (Backing track)
Produced by: Tom Bell

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Sheet music and recordings

In this section you will be able to find arrangements of A Life Lived with Grace, A Song for the Commonwealth, to suit your choir or group of singers.


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Questions you may be asking

IS THIS TOO HARD for your choir to sing? – Don’t worry! We have a solo version and other easier versions too. We also have recordings for choirs who don’t read music.

IS THIS TOO HIGH for your choir to sing? – Don’t worry! We have LOWER versions available in different keys, and there will be one that is exactly right for your choir.

IS IT TOO SLOW OR TOO FAST for your choir to sing? – Not a problem! Performances can be sung at different speeds.

IT’S NOT IN A STYLE THAT WE ARE USED TO – Watch this space! There will be different versions appearing on our website at different times during the next few weeks, such as a pop version, a gospel choir version, a community choir version – and others, too! We shall let you know as soon as each new version is ready to hear!

MY CHOIR NEEDS AN ACCOMPANIMENT – That’s fine. There is a piano part on the website already plus a chord scheme for guitars and other instruments on the solo versions of the song. We can also help you with a backing track if you need one.

Most choirs will sing the song outdoors and unaccompanied as the beacons are being lit on June 2nd 2022. We can discuss with you how to make your own performance sound amazing!

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Lyrics sheet (Single line)Lyrics sheet (2 part)

Favourite arrangements

Solo (melody)

with accompaniment

Here you can find files for a single line (solo or melody) suitable for a solo voice or a choir singing in unison. The file includes keyboard accompaniment with chord symbols for other instruments included.

This can also be sung unaccompanied.

Two voices

(with keyboard)

Here you can find files for unaccompanied voices in two parts (SS or SA).

Ideal for all primary schools and some secondary schools.

Full (SATB) choir

with accompaniment

Here you can find files for choirs suitable for SATB and accompaniment

All arrangements

Instrumental arrangements


Here you can find arrangements of A Song for the Commonwealth. We are working on other combinations for voices, which will appear shortly.

If you would like a particular arrangement that you cannot find here, or would like to share an arrangement you have made of the song, please click on the relevent buttons below.